Why Add Open Shelving In Your Kitchen?

So you are getting the kitchen remodel of your dreams, you want tons of storage but the wall of cabinets is coming off as heavy and lacks interest.
What to do, what to do?
Open shelving or glass uppers to the rescue!
Open shelves, especially wood shelves, adds interest and breaks hard cabinet lines, it also brings in a touch of warmth to the space.
Glass cabinets can be an opportunity to display dishware that is sentimental or makes a statement. It softens cabinet lines as well.
Don’t want people to see all your mismatched dishes?
You are not alone.
How about mirrored uppers that gives you the same affect, but hides those Newk’s Eatery cups we all have.
There are so many fun ways you can add interest and beauty to your kitchen and we are all about beautiful, cohesive designs.
Ready for your dream kitchen makeover?