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In Bossier City, the decision to invest in kitchen remodeling is becoming increasingly popular, especially among homeowners residing in homes that are 20 years or older.

These older homes often come with cramped, dated kitchen layouts and appliances that no longer meet the demands of modern living.

Homeowners are recognizing the transformative potential of a kitchen remodel to not only update the visual appeal but also to bring functionality in line with modern needs of today.

One popular request involves removing walls that separate the kitchen from the living areas.

This design strategy not only promotes a more open-concept feel, but also aligns with the shift towards inclusive, multi-functional living spaces where cooking, dining, and socializing seamlessly blend together.

Kitchen Remodel

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Bossier Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Remodel

For Bossier City homeowners, entrusting Ashley’s Building with their kitchen renovation is a strategic decision that blends expertise with a commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship.

Ashley’s Building takes personal approach, with a particular emphasis on redesigning kitchen layouts to align with their client’s lifestyles.

This includes skillfully removing peninsulas and introducing innovative layouts that maximize storage and highlight the client’s design style.

Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that the redesigned kitchen not only meets aesthetic aspirations but also enhances the overall flow and efficiency of the space.

Recognizing the evolving needs of homeowners, Ashley’s Building introduces cabinetry solutions that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen but also provide ample storage for a clutter-free environment.

Their expertise shines in the addition of a kitchen island, offering not just an extra seating area but a focal point for socializing and culinary activities.

Choosing Ashley’s Building for a kitchen renovation in Bossier City is a testament to investing in a partner that combines visionary design with impeccable execution, resulting in kitchens that are completely unique to each family.

Licensed and Insured Kitchen Remodeling Company in Bossier

Choosing a licensed and insured contractor for a kitchen remodel is the first step for Bossier City homeowners seeking a seamless and safe renovation experience.

A licensed contractor ensures compliance with local building codes, offering peace of mind that the project is safe.

Insurance adds an essential layer of protection, safeguarding homeowners against unforeseen challenges or accidents during the remodeling process.

In Bossier City, Ashley’s Building stands out as a trusted choice for kitchen remodels, backed by over 30 years of experience.

Bossier Bayou Kitchen Remodel

As a licensed and insured contractor, Ashley’s Building not only brings a wealth of design expertise to every project but also reflects a longstanding commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Choosing Ashley’s Building for a kitchen remodel is not just about transforming the heart of the home; it’s about entrusting the process to a reliable partner with a proven track record.

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Meet Owners Adam and Lisa Willard

Adam and Lisa Willard

In Adam’s younger days, he had his hands in developing roads and bridges most Shreveport-Bossier area residents travel on every day.

Renovating his first home in South Bossier, Adam got the transformation itch and moved from commercial construction to residential building and remodeling contracting.

Word got out to friends and family, and Adam was on his way to becoming a trusted home builder and remodeling contractor in the Shreveport-Bossier area.

Lisa’s passions in her formative years were drawing and all things home design. During her last year of middle school, a friend’s mother asked if she could paint a mural in her baby son’s room.

Her first client was so pleased she told others, who told others, and murals morphed into full blown children’s room renovations, which morphed into whole house interior design and remodeling.

Today they bring to you a combined 50 years of home design and construction experience with a unique perspective to working with their clients. “Every project we do is specifically designed around the family we work with.

Client Reviews

“The Willards went out of their way to involve our six year old son in the process. He loved each of them by the time the project was over.

All subcontractors were professional and punctual. We were always kept abreast of what the next step would be and when it would be completed.

In the end, we were blown away by our new kitchen.”

Mrs. Newton, Shreveport, -Kitchen Remodel

“After meeting Adam and Lisa at the beginning of our kitchen remodel, I knew they were the ones. There was a true level of professionalism.

Lisa took what I wanted and designed it to perfection. She and Adam have an amazing eye for detail and strive for perfection.

Thanks Ashley’s Building and Construction… I will use you again for our bathroom remodel. I LOVE MY NEW KITCHEN!!!”

Mrs. Wiley, Bossier City, -Kitchen Remodel

“I dreaded hiring another contractor to do work on our house due to numerous bad experiences in the past, but I chose Ashley’s to do our master bath remodel.

What a great experience…Adam and Lisa were always very professional and honest and kept me well informed throughout the process. Their work was top notch and the bathroom looks great!

I highly recommend them you won’t be disappointed.”

Jeff of Bossier City, -Bathroom Remodel

“I trusted Ashley’s Building & Construction twice. I obviously would not have used them the second time if I did not trust their knowledge, workmanship, and ability to pay attention to details.

They were exceptional at coordinating all facets of the projects — including squirrels in the attic who resented the intrusion.

I admire this family and highly recommend their services.”

Kathy of Bossier City, -Home Remodel

“I found Adam and Lisa Willard outstanding young people with whom to work.

They operate a quality, family oriented business with consistently high levels of honesty and integrity. Actually, I came to regard them as friends.

I would highly recommend Ashley’s for any building/construction job at any level with complete confidence of successful and satisfactory completion.”

Mr. Jackson, Shreveport, -Bathroom Remodel

“I’ve hired Ashley’s Building for several jobs, small to large, and they have been extremely professional and honest every time.

It is nice to see a group that cares about a project so much and are always upfront and honest.

They are the standard by which all other contractors should be judged. Thank you, Adam and Lisa!!!”

Chad of Shreveport, -Home Remodel