Why Clients Hire Ashley’s Building and Construction

Our company is built on good ol’ fashion family values and a strong work ethic.

We believe in creating a unique and beautiful home remodeling project for each and every family we work with.

We believe we get only one chance to Build It Right The First Time and aim for absolute perfection.

But there is so much more that is involved with our team and projects and reasons why clients trust Ashley’s Building and Construction.

Glamping Kitchen Renovation
Trust & Transparency

Trust & Transparency

Licensed and insured for over 20 years. We follow every rule, every building code and make sure our remodeling projects are not just beautiful, but they structurally safe and enhance the value of the home.

Ashley’s Building never cuts corners on quality or materials.

We sleep well at night knowing you will.



Just like a good marriage, we believe communication is the key to a great project.

We are always present and always accessible.

Ashley’s Building clients are updated daily on their home remodel progress in person, through text, email and through a shared construction software APP that allows you to view your specific project calendar.

We are with you every step of the way.

Our Team

Our Team

We are a team of perfectionists.

Complete professionals and the best in the their field of expertise, our team of second and third generation trades and craftsman/women all share the same work ethic and values of top quality workmanship and respect for each client and their home.

We thoroughly inspect your home remodeling project area before construction starts so there are no surprises during construction.

Change orders make us cringe.



Wouldn’t you like to see what your remodeling project will look like first, just like on HGTV?

We got you covered. Your personal in house Ashley’s Building’s home designer uses state of the art 3D home design software that enables our clients to SEE what their project is going to look like way before construction.

This visual presentation excites every client and relieves any stress or confusion during the planning and design phase of their home remodeling project.

Zip Wall System


Our team treats every home as if it were our own.

Flooring protection is installed on the path our team will be entering and existing the home. Using zip wall systems, we do our absolute best to quarantine the project area minimizing construction dust. This also allows the homeowners to walk through the home at their leisure at the end of the work day.

Air scrubbers are also used during construction which helps purify the air in the work area and prevents the spread of dust or any contaminants.

We pride ourselves on clean job sites. Our kid’s rooms, a different story.



Ashley’s Building is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Adam and Lisa Willard.

We have been in business for over 25 years and have a combined 50 years of experience in residential construction, home design and home remodeling.

Because of this experience, we have developed a smooth process that is replicated with every client. This process ensures the homeowners will receive the remodel of their dreams, safe construction and have fun through every phase.

You dream and relax, We design and get to work.

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