Steps To The Perfect Remodeling Experience

First Date Phone Consultation.

load bearing kitchen wall to be removed by ashleys building and remodeling in shreveport


During our first phone call we are going to dive into your renovation wish list. What don’t you like about your current space? What do you envision for your new space?

If you don’t have a vision, that’s okay. We will develop a vision specific to your family’s lifestyle.

We will discuss start date, time-line, and budget.

We ask that you send us photos of your existing areas so we can look at them as we talk and get a good understanding of what we are working with.

This conversation is to determine if we can even help you. If we can, then we schedule an in-home meeting to begin working together.

Putting the Dream in Motion.

This is where the fun begins.

We will need about 2 hours of your time during our home visit. First, we will review your remodeling paperwork and collect your deposit to begin the renovation adventure together.

Next, we will hone in on your family’s unique home design style and thoroughly discuss all your wants and wishes for your new space.

After we have all your specific information, we will measure the rooms as well as take photos and videos so we can refer to them during our new creation time.

Once your new floorplan and design is finished, we will contact you to review.


The fun part.

Warning, this part of our process has made homeowners shed happy tears and brought the remodeling excitement up at least 1000 notches.

We will present your new floorplan and show you a 3D walk through of your new space, just like they do on HGTV.

This allows you to visualize what your new kitchen, bath, or whole house renovation will look like based on the dream planning conversation we had and before we even begin construction.

Once approved by you, we review your project estimate, and set everything in motion for your start date.


Demo day is here!

Now that your project has begun, your home and your family will be respected, kept safe and clean. We will make sure the areas of your home that are not being renovated will be protected to minimize construction dust.

You will receive daily updates on what to expect during the phases of your remodel via phone call, text, email, or face to face. Warning, you will see us a lot.

We have found, the more homeowners understand about what is going on in their home every step of the way, the more comfortable they are.

The Finale.

The final punch list has been done and you are enjoying your new remodeled space, but your peace of mind does not end there.

Ashley’s Building provides a one year warranty in addition to your material manufacture warranties.

We are committed to giving you the same high level of service and attention you received during your design and construction phases, so we will keep in touch with you throughout the first year to make sure you are getting the most out of your remodeled home.

If you are ready for our “first remodeling date” please click the red button below.

We look forward to visiting with you.

Black and white modern kitchen renovation in Shreveport by Ashleys Building and Remodeling big kitchen island in open concept modern kitchen in shreveport by ashleys building and remodeling.

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