Surprise Bathroom Remodel for a Special Family

No photo description available.Meet the Law family!
So now that the cat’s out of the bag we can share the fun and adventures we had with this amazing family.
As a friend said recently, this family is an inspiration to so many people in our community. They are shining examples of doing the right thing, even when it’s uncomfortable. They put others waaaaay before themselves. They spread love, not hate, inclusion not separation. They love and love hard.
Bubba and Amanda Law are Bossier natives and began their life together as a blended family of 6. Over 15 years ago, they made the decision to begin fostering children, and become Volunteers for Youth Justice
During these years, they have opened their home and hearts to many children, freely giving their love and support while raising their own children who lovingly welcomed each child.
When twin littles, came into their world and up for adoption, the Laws knew immediately what they wanted to do and they both became a Law.
The same feelings came upon them when another little boy blessed their home and years later a precious little girl came into their lives and up for adoption, bringing the Law family total to 10.
When we realized one of their two bathrooms was on the fritz, we contacted our friends, teams and trades to see if we could help make their lives a bit more convenient. I can attest, when you have many children in your midst, especially embracing children with medical conditions, a bathroom remodel is low, low, low on the priority list. Our entire team were 100 percent on board.

When we learned that another client of ours was also a foster family, it inspired us to learn more about our local children at risk and in need and what we could do to help with the very little time we had. We were connected with three amazing organizations whose sole focus is helping children who are transitioning in and out of foster care. Y’all, these folks are angels on earth: Volunteers of Youth Justice, Court Appointed Special Advocates , and Geaux Bags. We hope you enjoy our video of the remodel and hope you stay to the very end to learn what these local angels are doing for those children in need right in our backyards.
Thank you everyone for your support and spreading the love of this fun project. See you soon!
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