Shreveport LSU Living Room Remodel

Dated living room in Shreveport needs a remodel


These amazing homeowners were ready for their Shreveport living room to be fully remodeled. Remember when decking out a living room in LSU purple felt like the ultimate tribute? Well, times change for this couple. After years of living amidst a sea of purple and gold, and perhaps a gentle push from the lady of the house, our homeowners were ready to embrace a more contemporary and airy vibe for their living space. See how we remodeled this space and scored a major transformation touchdown!

Where Does This Shreveport Living Room Remodel Begin?

So, what topped the living room renovation wish list?

  • First order of business: Say goodbye to the purple wall.
  • Next, transform the fireplace into a focal point with function and flair.
  • Inject a fresh, modern farmhouse aesthetic with the addition of stone and shiplap.

But there’s more – that expansive wall to the right couldn’t be left behind.

  • Time for a custom-built unit featuring open shelving, beautifully complemented by shiplap, creating a harmonious partnership with the fireplace.

And just like that, it’s a wrap!

Wow, what a revolution! This isn’t just a renovation; it’s a reimagining that turned a once-bold statement into a serene and stylish sanctuary. The transformation is nothing short of spectacular, proving that with a vision (and maybe a bit of nudging), any space can be turned into something breathtakingly beautiful.

After Shreveport living room remodel with new fireplace, flooring, custom wall unit, lighting and shades.


The vibrant, sporty hues of LSU purple have gracefully made way for an ambiance of elegance and style. The new palette of light colors offers versatility, allowing the family to switch up their football-themed accents as they please. And a little birdie mentioned that red accessories pop beautifully against the backdrop of white and black. 🤭

In essence, this living room has undergone a chic modern farmhouse makeover, crafting a space that the whole family will cherish and enjoy for years to come.

Living room remodel with new fireplace with stone, shiplap, and new fire insert and logs.

NEW Fireplace

New custom built in wall unit and shelving for remodeled Shreveport Living room

Custom Built-in

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