Renovating Your Kitchen? 8 Things to Consider.

Do you dream of having the entire family under your roof for a home cooked meal?

Think The Waltons or Duck Dynasty. All your little chickens in one spot. And you know your best friend simply must be there. What good is a family gathering anyway without her famous banana pudding? Friends and family all together, breaking bread, saying prayers, telling stories, laughing loudly. Sounds perfect, right? If only you had the space to accommodate everyone… If only you had a larger kitchen… If only you had that island… If only….

Now is the time to stop thinking “if only”.

Now is the time to call Ashley’s Building, the premier remodeling contractor for Shreveport, Bossier City, Benton, Haughton and surrounding areas! Let Lisa and Adam Willard walk you through all the steps for creating YOUR kitchen. You know the one. The kitchen you secretly dream about. The one you have numerous Pinterest boards dedicated to regarding colors and design. You may even have actual notes regarding items that excite you. Whether you have a mental/written/online list or are just getting started, below are some details to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Most importantly, remember to have fun during this process! These selections should make you smile, not stress.

Load-Bearing Wall

What goes into a load bearing wall removal in shreveport bossier   load bearing wall removed for open kitchen concept remodel renovation in Shreveport Louisiana

After: Supports added to new design bar area to support 2nd story for open concept kitchen.

Need more square footage for your dreamy kitchen, but that pesky wall is in the way of maximizing your space?

The first thing to consider is whether or not this wall is load-bearing. If we were to access your crawlspace, typically, if the wall runs parallel to the floor joists above, it is NOT a load-bearing wall. If the wall runs perpendicular to the joints, the wall, most likely, IS load-bearing.

There is GOOD news, however. That load-bearing wall will not kill your kitchen dream. With the help of the professionals at Ashley’s Building, the correct support can be added in order not to compromise the structure of your home. If the wall is not load-bearing, the kitchen planning and design will just be a tad easier to accomplish. Once that dividing wall is removed, the design ideas can be endless. More cabinetry storage can be built, a spacious island can be added to seat family and friends. An open concept kitchen gives you all the space you need, especially for large families and homeowner’s who love to entertain.

Kitchen Island

kitchen island and Zline range in black and white kitchen remodel in Shady Grove in South Bossier City La.

The center of your remodeled kitchen could be a new island! It will call out to all who enter your kitchen and will invite them to sit awhile and visit. In some instances, the island has actually taken the place of the kitchen table. If that is your goal, you will need a large island focused on mainly seating.

Are you wanting the island mostly for storage? Keeping frequently-used items here takes efficiency up a notch. How about a prep sink in the island? That sure comes in handy! Rerouting plumbing in the foundation is needed for this, so keep that in mind. Your pets could even have his or her food and water bowls built into one end of the island. How cute is that?

The possibilities are almost endless! Size, style, shape, type of cabinetry, finish, etc… Have fun with this island and design it specifically for your family’s needs.

Kitchen Storage

storage in a kitchen renovation in Shreveport. Wall microwave and wall oven. Pantry.

In this gadget crazy world in which we live, we all could use more storage space. The kitchen is no exception!

If space allows in your remodeled kitchen, a custom pantry may be the perfect storage solution for you! Everything has a place, and everything in its place. Baskets, labeled jars, shelving, etc. could fill this new space. This pantry would be organization at its finest! Also, you could add open shelving in your remodeled kitchen for your pretty dishes and for a unique look.

Let’s not forget pullout drawers. These are a must! The pullout garbage can drawer hides those unsightly bins and keeps the bags handy for a quick change out. You can also add other various drawer pullouts, including ones for cutting boards and cookie sheets.

Undersink pullout drawers for cleaning supplies, large and deep corner pullout drawers and spice pullout cabinets on either side of the cooktop are other ideas for top shelf efficiency. A fun storage option is an appliance garage, which conceals the toaster, blender, etc. So many storage options from which to choose!

Kitchen Sink

double bowl kitchen sink farmhouse in Shreveport kitchen remodel Ashleys building

The kitchen sink can sometimes get overlooked. It, however, is vitally important to a well-run kitchen. And, hey, it should look good at the same time. So, when it comes to choosing a new sink for your kitchen, you have several questions to ask yourself. Do I want the popular double basin, or do I want a single bowl? What about the farmhouse/apron-front style with the deep basin? Let’s not forget the undermount option for a seamless look and easy cleaning. The other big question will be what type of material do you want. Some examples are stainless steel, classic ceramic, natural stone, marble, brass and copper. The bottom line is to choose a sink that will be functional and stylish. With all of today’s choices, that will not be an issue!

Kitchen Lighting

blue and white modern kitchen in bossier city with blue island and pendant lighting Ashleys Building and Renovations

You will surely want to show off this gorgeous new kitchen with the perfect new lighting!

One option is LED can lights, which will brighten the room without using excessive energy. They also do not give off heat, which is an added bonus during these Louisiana summers.

Pendant lighting is another option. These hang from the ceiling over areas such as the island and the sink. The styles and materials are, literally, endless. If you would like to accentuate certain areas or features in your kitchen, under cabinet lighting is the perfect option.

Lighting is a completely personal preference. You can choose lighting to make this room bright and sunny, or you can choose moody, relaxed lighting.

Cabinet Colors

Black and wood cabinets in kitchen renovations Ashleys Building in Shreveport Bossier Benton Haughton

Deciding on a cabinet color can be the most fun of all!

So many homeowners have grown weary and bored with the same ole same ole. They crave color and sunlight and pizazz. How better to add all these things than by getting creative with the color section for the kitchen cabinetry?

We should not be afraid of using color in this area; we should, rather, embrace it. Shades of green and blue are extremely popular due to their ability to create warmness, and yellows exemplify happiness. If bright colors are not in your wheelhouse, perhaps you could step into the realm of mushroom or oatmeal or khaki (do not say beige). Shades of black and gray are viable options as well. They both have personality and can add depth to the room.

White is not the current trend for cabinets, but it always looks crisp and clean and will always be timeless. Dark wood cabinetry is also making a huge comeback due to its ability to add richness to any space. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Kitchen Appliances

GE Cafe Appliance

The cherry on top of your gorgeous new kitchen will be your new appliances.

If appliances with the flair of the 1950’s appeal to you, then look no further than a company known by the acronym SMEG. This Italian company has been manufacturing kitchen appliances since 1948 and has cornered this blast-from-the-past market. If you prefer fine details and the highest quality materials, GE Monogram appliances are exactly what you need. This ultra-premium brand is pure luxury. Their slogan says it all… “Elevate Everything”.

If smart appliances are more your thing, there are several manufacturers from which to choose. Haier, Samsung and LG are just a few. You can purchase appliances equipped with built-in wifi that allow you to monitor and control your appliances remotely. Any of these choices will be a delightful addition to your new kitchen!

Vent Hood

open shelving and stainless commercial venthood in modern kitchen remodel in bossier city by Ashleys Building

Have you ever asked yourself “do I really need a vent hood”?

To answer that question, yes, you really do need a vent hood. It captures and filters (or vents) out grease, steam, smoke and odors from above your cooktop or range and from your kitchen in general. The hood also removes other pollutants from the air that are released during cooking. Bottom-line. The vent hood is absolutely necessary. Silver lining, however, is it DOES NOT have to be ugly.

Your kitchen remodel provides the perfect opportunity to give this humdrum item a WOW factor. Stainless steel is a great go-to and pairs well with stainless appliances. Tiles hoods are perfect if you have chosen a tile-themed kitchen remodel. Painted hoods are another option. This hood should compliment the cabinetry, but does not have to be an exact match. Custom zinc, limestone or wood are other options. Just because the vent hood is a necessity does not mean it has to be boring!

A home cooked meal brings a family together, beckons a college kid home and cures the Monday blues. You may even get some actual face time with your teenager! What better place for all these gatherings than in your gorgeous, newly remodeled and spacious kitchen?!

Take this opportunity to do something spectacular for you and for your family. Expand this space. Remodel and update this area. You will never go wrong investing in your home or in more quality time with your family.