The Transitional Kitchen Remodel Story

Our clients desperately needed a bigger kitchen and dining area, as their home is the hub for all holiday get togethers and family dinners, and this transitional kitchen remodel fits the bill.

The Transitional Kitchen Remodel Wish List

What was on the wish list?

Storage, storage, STORAGE! ☑️You got it!

Get rid of the peninsula. ☑️Check!

Black and white pleeeeease. ☑️Yes ma’am!

Separate utility area. ☑️Check!

Bigger cooking area. ☑️Double check!

Before and After

To see the dramatic difference, move the slider handle left and right in the image to the right.

Transitional Kitchen Remodel BeforeTransitional Kitchen Remodel After

Before We Started The Transitional Kitchen Remodel

This is how the kitchen looked when we started.

The Completed Transitional Kitchen Remodel

We gave these fun homeowners everything on their wish list and more.

We moved the water heater out of the way by going thankless, and relocated the electrical panel so we had plenty of room to expand the kitchen. This allowed for a beautiful island so their grandson can do homework, and eat snacks.

Transitional Kitchen Remodel With LisaNow they have not one, but two pantries and a HUGE cooking area with all the black and white they can handle.

Side story, the homeowner really wanted to keep her brick wall and was hesitant to paint it. After seeing the rendering we presented her and what could come of that area, she was sold.

She now has the black and white kitchen she has always dreamed of and wished for over 20 years.

These clients give so much of themselves to our community, their family and friends and are so deserving of a beautiful home when they come home from a long day working on the front line.

Honored to work with them and may God continue to give them the strength and energy so they may continue to help others.