Rustic Kitchen Remodel in North Bossier City

This rustic kitchen remodel project in North Bossier City has a bitter sweet story.

This home was built in 1975 and was the childhood home for our client. Many, many holidays, birthdays, graduations, and life milestones were celebrated here with her brothers and sisters. This home was the hub for all life events and milestones.

When her parents passed a few years ago, our client decided to purchase the home with plans of renovations and continuing the family traditions and celebrations she always loved.

The Kitchen Before We Started The Project

That’s Where We Come In

Our job was to redesign the kitchen and bathroom into a functional space where family and friends could gather during the celebratory times and give it a rustic flare. Challenge accepted!

What was on their wish list?

  • Remove the peninsula area and add an island. ✔️ Got it!
  • Warm colors, materials to be used to give a rustic farmhouse feel. ✔️ Yes Ma’am!
  • Open the wall to the family room. ✔️ Absolutely!
  • Tone down the orange bathroom and turn it into a half bath. ✔️ Our pleasure!

As you can see from the before and after pictures, every wish was signed sealed and delivered.

The Rustic Kitchen Design Renderings

We created design renderings for the client based on their desires.

The Completed Rustic Kitchen Remodel Project

A new chapter is happening in this home. Memories of Mom and Dad are still alive and well in every space of this home and now traditions will continue with loving thoughts of the past and excitement of the future.

Working for this family was truly an honor.

A Dramatic Difference

See the dramatic difference between the before and after images below. Just move the slider left and right to see it.

Rustic Kitchen Remodel BeforeAfter