The Rolling Meadow Master Bath Rennovation Story

Another CRAZY Ashley’s remodeling transformation is here! What was on the Rolling Meadow Master Bath renovation wish list?

  • A bigger, better shower with a luxurious showering experience.
  • More storage.
  • Private commode area.
  • His and her vanity areas.
  • Unique design, nothing cookie cutter.
  • Herringbone, somewhere.
  • Black finishes.
  • A style that can allow for décor changes over the years.


South Bossier City Master Bathroom

Before and After The Master Bath Remodel

To see the dramatic difference, move the slider handle left and right in the image below.

Rolling Meadow Master Bath BeforeRolling Meadow Master Bath After

Before We Started This Master Bath Rennovation Project

This was an older home in Bossier City. The master bathroom used to be called the “pink bath” because of the original pink countertop, pink tub, and pink shower.

It still had the original carpet and linoleum which the homeowners loathed. No matter how hard they cleaned, it still looked dingy. All of that had to go and we were happy to gut this baby and get the remodel rolling.

Rolling Meadow Master Bath Before

Who remembers pink counters? Quite the thing back in the day weren’t they. Not only did this bathroom have Valentine’s day countertop, it also had a pink tub and a pink shower. And then there’s the carpet.

Cozy yes, good for wet areas and steam, not so much. All of that had to go. 30+ years of the same thing was enough.

Demolition and Construction of the Rolling Meadow Master Bath

Planning The New Master Bath

This is how the Master Bath demolition and construction process unfolded. First let’s have a look at the Before & After floor plans for this project. To see the difference, move the slider handle left and right in the image below:

Master Bath Plan BeforeMaster Bath Plan After

Starting The Work

First on the list was to remove the pink alcove tub and existing shower, relocate the drain to the new, bigger tub, and build a pony wall.

The Completed Rolling Meadow Master Bath Renovation Project

Next was new beautiful white oak cabinetry that gives the lady of the house her own vanity and makeup zone, and gives the husband his own “get ready” zone.

We removed the cowboy salon doors to the commode and closed it in for spacious privacy. How about that shower y’all? Think it’s big enough? And the herringbone floors. The homeowners still talk about how those floors make them so happy.

A neutral, cozy, color scheme that can be decorated any way, in almost any color and still look beautiful. Another amazing transformation by our amazing Team Ashley.

And, this is how the Master Bathroom looked once we were done!

Ready For Your Bathroom Remodel?

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