From Old to New – A Surprise Bathroom

What a dramatic transformation this was and a complete honor it was to be able to remodel this bathroom for such a fun, loving, inspiring family.

Since this was an under cover surprise operation at the beginning, we recruited the homeowner’s middle older daughter to find out what her mother would love to see in her dream guest bathroom.

A few inspirational picture texts later, we had our plan of attack.

An Awesome Surprise

The result was a big walk in shower, fun patterned tile, new vanity with a durable quartz countertop, new lighting, gorgeous glass shower and fun decorations to seal the deal.

The only bad thing about this project is we won’t be seeing the family every week, BUT there is always play dates and lunches to be scheduled.

Stay tuned to our page to see the entire full featured video of behind the scenes, learn more about this amazing family and the foster/adoption community.

Surprise Bathroom - Vanity BeforeAfter

Before The Surprise:

After The Surprise: