The Cloudburst Vintage Kitchen Remodel Story

Who’s ready for CRAZY WILD kitchen transformation pictures?

Okay…back story… This homeowner has been living in a kitchen disaster for a year. We will just say that the contractors she trusted before us did not come through for her, leaving her with a mess.

One day, Ms. Ophelia went to visit good friends and loved their kitchen. Her friends are actually one of our favorite past clients, so we were thrilled when they referred her to us.

When we took a look at Ms. Ophelia’s kitchen, my heart sank for her. She was left with so many issues. We could tell she was really nervous about trusting someone else, understandably so, but once we showed her the rendering of her new kitchen, she started to relax and have fun.

For the past 6 months, she had been carrying around a home improvement magazine. She absolutely loved the front cover and has been dreaming of a kitchen just like it. She said it reminded her of kitchens back in the 70s. Bright, bold and vintage. That’s what she wanted for her home.

Luckily for her, we like to create remodeling dreams and that’s what we based her new design off of.

The Cloudburst Vintage Kitchen Remodel Wish List

What was on her wish list?

✔️More reachable storage
✔️Mimic the colors in the magazine kitchen
✔️A new island so her wine cooler fits properly
✔️New counters and backsplash
✔️All new uppers with glass
✔️Fix the cabinet so the sink fits properly
✔️Center pot filler
✔️Create a beautiful cooking area

What Did We Do?

We made a bold paint selection for the cabinets, removed the existing uppers and built new ones.

We removed the huge microwave over the cook top and designed a gorgeous vent hood flanked by open wood shelves for her decor.

A new island was built to house her new smaller microwave and wine cooler properly.

We found tile that looked similar to the magazine picture and brought that all the way to the ceiling. New can lights, a sconce light over the sink and two pendant lights were added over the island.

She purchased the pendants a while ago during the previous remodel and was worried they wouldn’t match with the new black finishes. But we told her we could paint them to match. Perfect!

Once we fixed all the issues and her worries were gone, she told us how happy she was and that we created the kitchen of her dreams.

What an absolute pleasure it has been to work with Ms. Ophelia. Yes, we fixed her problems and created a kitchen she can be proud of, but what she brought into our lives….a fun, free spirit, and love for life….priceless for us.

Before and After

To see the dramatic difference, move the slider handle left and right in the image below.

BeforeCloudburst Vintage Kitchen

Before We Started The Cloudburst Vintage Kitchen Remodel Project

This is how Ophelia’s kitchen looked when we started.

The Completed Cloudburst Vintage Kitchen Remodel Project

And, this is how Ophelia’s kitchen looked once we were done!

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