A Christmas Gift to Herself

This beautiful homeowner has been in her home for over 30 years. She has always wanted to give her kitchen a makeover but with her work schedule she just kept putting it off.

She recently retired thinking she would enjoy some much deserved down time, but found herself a tab bit bored.

Then she decided that her Christmas gift to herself would be a brand new remodeled kitchen.

A Newfound Passion

She enjoyed the process so much.. picking out tile, lighting, colors that she decided she wanted to give her guest bathroom a makeover, too, and dove into changing the living room so it matched her new kitchen.

She, together with our designer Lisa, painted her dining table, fireplace, and living room ceiling beam. Living room can lights are being added as we type this for optimal bright cheery lighting.

Funny how new chapters in life can lead you to a passion you never knew existed.

Before & After

To really see the extent of the kitchen’s dramatic transformation, move the slider handle over the images to the right.


The 30-Year Old Kitchen Before We Started

First, a before picture of the sink side of the kitchen. Pink was in 30 years ago by the way.

Second, a before picture of the cooking side.

Proposed Design Renderings

Proposed new design renderings. Going major modern!

Demo Day and Beyond


We donate cabinets that are in decent shape to Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana.

Once all the old cabinets are removed, Danny our fab painter removed the wallpaper, scraped the ceiling and prepped the walls for texture and paint.

Once the existing tile flooring is removed, the new cabinets go in.

Dining Room

Bye Bye white chairs.

No need to buy a new dining room set when you can upgrade/upcycle what you already have for minimal cost.

Living Room

I know it scares some people to paint over brick, but our client/friend really was tired of seeing this same red brick for the past 30 years.

She is ready for a more modern look in her home. We decided to paint the mantel a darker shade of black.

The ceiling beam was originally painted the same color of the walls many years ago and blended in. Time to make it POP!

The Completed Christmas Kitchen Remodel and Guest Bathroom Remodel


Soffits removed. Custom cabinetry to the ceiling and refrigerator cabinet for more storage.

Guest Bathroom

Tub to shower! We took the tile used in the kitchen and installed it vertically on each wall to the ceiling. Added a small corner seat and a fabulous barndoor glass slider.

The homeowner was going for simple modern, gray and whites. Nailed it!