The Boho Master Bathroom Remodel Story

Outside The Box

This Boho master bathroom remodel just bursts with color and is so outside the box. Almost every item in this room holds a special place in the lady of the houses’ heart.

The Genesis

When nature, world travels and bohemian meet, this is what you get.

I absolutely love designing spaces for all our clients and encourage every homeowner to do what they love.

The artist in me loves when I meet a client who loves color, patterns, and wants to do something extremely unique.

UH! It fills my soul!

The Boho Wish List

Let’s look at the wish list:

  • Remove big bulky whirlpool tub and add a pedestal tub. Absolutely!
  • Create a fun, nature inspired space. Yes ma’am!
  • Get rid of the “plastic shower.” Our pleasure.
  • Add more lighting. You got it!
  • Create a unique way to rehang the lanterns over the tub. (that was my wish)
Boho Bathroom BeforeBoho Bathroom Remodel

How the Master Bathroom Looked When We Started:

There are items that were made in Africa and have been in the family for many, many years. There are heirlooms that have been passed on to her by her grandmother and grandfather.

The Boho Master Bathroom Renderings:

Here are the design renderings created for the client based on her wish list.

The Completed Boho Master Bathroom:

What an honor it has been to meet this amazing family and design this special bathroom for them and collaborate with the lady of the house on the decorations.

Simply beautiful.