Let’s Talk Load Bearing Walls, Shall We?

Load bearing wall in Shreveport Kitchen Remodel Ashleys Building Opening up walls that divide the kitchen and living room is the most requested renovation project we get in the Shreveport-Bossier Areas.

Opening up or removing these walls is not a simple project. Especially in a two story home like this Shreveport home we were remodeling.

Strategic planning must be done ahead of time, a structural engineer must be brought in and a process in place to ensure the correct construction is followed and the home is safe for the homeowner and their family.

Removing a load bearing wall is not only isolated to one room, it affects every room adjacent to it as well.

Let’s take a look at this particular remodel.

Because the house pictured is a two story home, the upper level load was focused where the wall curves just a bit, right before the right doorway opening. We were going to need to add a column there to carry the second floor load and make this home safe and secure.

This gave us a design opportunity to not only add one column, but two, for visual balance, and it gave us another opportunity to add a fun tile to wrap around the columns. This area will become the homeowner’s sink, bar area.

This second column was also needed to house the sink vent (Right column in the picture to the left).

A portion of the walls and ceiling in the living room had to be removed to reframe the opening and add the support column and the second column. Once it was framed, the bar area was carefully framed. This is where the sink, dishwasher, garbage pull out and drawers were going to go as well as a upper bar on the living room. We had to make sure the countertop overhang would be a certain size and blend into the columns perfectly.

The final kitchen remodel was absolutely stunning and made a huge difference in the flow of the kitchen into the living room.

Now this family can entertain family and friends and still feel apart of the action from inside both spaces. The bar area adds more seating for the kids as they do homework, eat breakfast or just want a hangout between the living room and kitchen.

Bar Area in Kitchen Remodel Shreveport Bossier Ashleys Building. We love when our projects go exactly as planned and this one is truly one of our favorites.

Ready for that kitchen remodel of your dreams with that wall removed? Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation.