Modern Master Bathroom Remodel in Shreveport

Dated master bathroom in the Haven Shreveport

This wonderful couple living in The Haven in Shreveport were ready for a full master bathroom remodel. The really wanted a modern look with classic white and black finishes. Read what we did to full transform this dated bathroom into a luxurious modern master oasis.

His and her white vanity in master bathroom renovation by ashleys building and remodelingBefore: A Blast from the Past

When you think of a typical 90s bathroom, what comes to mind? Beige walls and a general lack of style? With its outdated fixtures, it was clear this bathroom was in dire need of a modern makeover.

The bathtub sat lonely and underwhelming, crying out for a spa-like touch. The double vanity was more of a double trouble situation, where the couple was forced to leave things on the counter due to a lack of cabinet storage. The lighting, although attempting to be warm and inviting, ended up casting shadows of regret on this once functional space.

Modern Bathroom Design

Enter the 21st century! The transformation is nothing short of spectacular. With a clean, crisp palette dominated by whites and blacks, this Shreveport modern master bathroom remodel is now the epitome of elegance and efficiency.

The Star of the Show: The Shower

Let’s start with the shower. The extremely small shower has been replaced by a sleek, glass enclosure that screams sophistication. The new shower features a beautiful tile design with a delicate mosaic inlay that adds a touch of luxury. The black fixtures add a modern contrast against the white tiles, creating a chic and timeless look.

His and Her Vanities

The vanities have undergone a complete overhaul. Gone are the cluttered countertops and in their place, we have counter cabinet, perfect for all the pretty things and smell goods. The addition of vessel sinks adds a contemporary touch, while the new cabinets, with their black hardware, provide ample storage for all those must-have beauty products.

Let There Be Light

The new lighting fixtures are a game changer. Gone are the yellowing bulbs and in their place are elegant sconces that frame the mirrors, providing perfect lighting for your morning routine. The ceiling lights now provide a bright, welcoming ambiance that makes the space feel open and airy.

The Details: It’s All in the Finishing Touches

The final touches are what really tie this remodel together. The addition of a vintage-inspired rug adds a splash of color and warmth to the room. The black accents, from the towel racks to the faucets, create a cohesive look that is both modern and timeless.

A Personal Touch

Let’s not forget the personal touches that make this bathroom uniquely yours. The sleek organization solutions like the added linen cabinet ensure that everything has its place, turning what was once a busy countertop into a serene space. Plants add a touch of nature, making the bathroom not just a functional space, but a peaceful retreat.

Master Bathroom Transformation Triumph

This Shreveport modern master bathroom remodel is a testament to the power of good design. By updating the fixtures, reimagining the space, and paying attention to the smallest details, we’ve turned a dated, cluttered bathroom into a modern sanctuary. It’s a space where you can start your day in style and unwind in the evenings with ease.

her vanity area in shreveport moder master bathroom remodel by ashleys building. wall sconces, vessel sink and white cabinets.           

If you’re dreaming of your own bathroom makeover, take a leaf out of this remodel’s book. With a clear vision and a touch of creativity, any space can be transformed into something truly spectacular. Contact us today at or 318-773-9404 for your phone consultation and to schedule your in-home meeting.