Lisa Willard at Ashley’s Building and Construction HQ working on a bathroom remodel design.When I first speak with a new client, they tell me all the things they hate about their current space.

It may be the wall separating the kitchen and living room making the cook (mom) feel isolated from the family.

Or it may be the unused, over sized tub they don’t use and wish they had a huge shower instead. The flooring and countertops may be dated or the layout of the room is awkward for the family.

My Favorite Part – Design Renderings

Whatever the case may be, it leads to my favorite part of the remodeling process; I get to take their existing floorplan and with the help of amazing technology, create a totally different space for them while checking off all their wish list items.

Say good bye to the days of hand drawn floorplans and say hello to providing our clients with gorgeous life-like 3D design renderings of their remodeling projects.

Not only does this satisfy the designer/artist in me but allows our clients to see what their new kitchen, bathroom, addition, mud room, utility room etc. is going to look like before we start construction.

They can also see what the tile, flooring, countertops and lighting is going to look like in their space and feel confident we made the right choices. Another HUGE plus for everyone.

Stressful and Chaotic?

There is a nasty rumor going around that remodeling a home can be stressful and chaotic, but we are here to tell you it is the complete opposite.

Our clients tell us right away how much fun they are having through the process and how much they learn about their home’s inner workings.

Because this is such an important and powerful tool, I wanted to highlight some of our projects so you can see the magic that is involved in our remodeling process and how we make it enjoyable for each client.

Example Projects:

Here are some example projects that show the how the project looked before starting, the design renderings of the project that I created for the client, and how the project looked after completion.

How Much Fun Was That?

Client ReviewsOur clients can relax and enjoy their home renovation experience when we present them with beautiful new designs for their spaces they can visualize before demo day. Pair that with a meticulous and talented team, the entire process is smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

If you are thinking about a remodeling project schedule your free in home consultation. I would love to hear about your wish lists.

–Lisa Willard