Empty Nesters Remodel Empty Spaces

The term “empty nester” is used to describe parents who are now thrust into a world that does not rotate around all the responsibilities of rearing children.  According to an article in Psych Central, these parents may also feel grief, emptiness, fear and worry.  After our offspring have all moved on to college or the military or their own lives in general, we, simply, do not know what to do with ourselves.

While all these emotions are natural and understandable, there is one HUGE aspect of life not addressed in that article.  This is SPACE.

When the children leave the nest, this opens up spaces in the home that hold enormous possibilities!  Even though tears are shed as the last child packs the last box, hope and excitement should also shine through.  The time has come to celebrate this new era, this new journey.  The areas that were once full of laughter, PlayDoh, sticky fingers and cookie crumbs can now be filled with books, more closet space, gym equipment, wine bottles, etc.  With that in mind, below are some trending remodeling ideas in the Shreveport/Bossier City/Benton/Haughton areas for empty nesters looking to remodel those empty areas.

Remodel Bedroom into Home office in shreveport Bossier Benton Haugton LA Ashleys Building and remodeling

Office:  Home offices are no longer areas that belong to only the elite.  These areas have now become the norm rather than the exception.  More and more people are working from home, even on a part-time basis.   Remodeling a bedroom and transforming it into the perfect workspace can increase productivity.  Creating a space with lots of lighting (whether this entails adding custom lighting or additional windows) and pops of color on the walls and flooring can help with inspiration.  The drive to the office isn’t so bad either.

home gym remodel ashleys building shreveport bossier benton haughton

Gym:  Converting a now vacant bedroom into a home gym could be exactly what the doctor ordered!  The most important aspect with this remodel is to create a space you will actually utilize.  Location is, obviously, the best selling point.  The environment of this remodeled area is completely up to you.  This gym could be a yoga or pilates room with soft features, a meditation area with calming elements, a mirrored room for weight training or a colorful area for cardio training.  It is all about setting the mood.  You could also add outdoor access in order to let in natural light and air.  If your budget allows, the addition of a sauna would take this home gym to the next level!

Add a closet addition to your master bedroom ashleys building and remodeling shreveport Bossier Benton haughton

Custom Closet:  Closets are never large enough, or perhaps we accumulate too much stuff.  Whatever the case may be, converting a now empty bedroom into a custom closet is an absolute dream come true for most homeowners!  Imagine a closet with a center island, pull-out shoe shelves, custom vanity or desk area, built-in drawers including jewelry drawer, custom boutique lighting, storage bins, tilt-out hamper, fluted hanging poles and custom built wardrobe.  The possibilities are endless.

Mother in Law suite in your home for aging parent shreveport bossier benton Haughton Ashleys Building

Mother-in-Law Area:  In lieu of retirement facilities, many people are opting to remodel a bedroom or area in their home to allow a parent to have a private living space.  This offers a comfortable long-term place for your relative to live and will provide some level of independence as well.  This remodel may include the addition of a bathroom, a private entrance and a small kitchen.  The creation of this area increases the value of your home and can also be additional income should you decide, at a later date, to rent out the space.

Reading inspiration Room Ashleys Building Shreveport Bossier Benton Haughton Home remodeling

Reading Room:  A room dedicated to losing yourself in a timeless piece of literature is every bookworm’s dream.  Why not take that empty bedroom and turn it into the perfect area where you can sit with a cup of coffee and get lost in a Ernest Hemingway novel until the wee hours of the night?  We can create a space to display your favorite works from Shakespeare to Faulkner to Grisham.  The decor must be cozy and calm and full of warmth.  The room should bring a feeling of peace upon entering, so all the colors and furnishing should reflect this.  A chair that hugs you as soon as you sit down is a must.  Reading Rooms are good for the soul, just like books.

Mud room utility room remodel shreveport Bossier Benton Haughton Ashleys Building

Laundry Room:  Nobody enjoys laundry.  It is a necessary chore, so why not make the laundry room pleasant?  Let’s take that unused bedroom and remodel it by creating a laundry room that is more efficient and stylish.  You can add colorful walls and flooring, an island for folding, cubbies for storage, a utility sink, rods for hanging clothes, windows for natural light, baskets for sorting and fun wall decor.  The choices for this room are endless!  This room gets overlooked quite often, but it shouldn’t.  We spend a lot of time in this area, so perhaps this room deserves an upgrade!

Wine cellar in your home shreveport bossier Benton Ashleys building

Wine Room/Wine Cellar:  Any wine connoisseur dreams of having a wine room or wine cellar.  Converting an unoccupied bedroom into a wine lover’s dream is a perfect idea.  A special cooling system will be installed to ensure the wine is stored at the correct temperature.  Insulation and a vapor barrier will be installed to ensure there are no water or moisture leaks.  Floors will also be sealed and all natural light will be removed.  After the remodel is completed, wooden wine racks, a mini bar and furniture can be added.  This remodel definitely increases the value of the home and will be a favorite gathering spot.

custom walk-in pantry shreveport Bossier Benton Haughton home renovations Ashleys Building

Pantry:  A well organized kitchen centers around having adequate storage.  A great solution to inadequate storage is converting an unused bedroom into a pantry.  A well designed pantry should have places for canned goods, dried goods and small appliances.  There should be ample types of storage options, such as shelving, racks, drawers, baskets and cubbies.  A rolling library ladder is helpful for reaching the upper shelves.  An additional refrigerator is a great option in this area as well.  If space allows, a table can be placed in the middle of the room for unloading groceries.  This pantry is about being neat and orderly.

Large Area Remodels:

Larger Kitchen Remodel Renovation in Shreveport Ashleys Building and Remodeling

Kitchen Expansion: If an unoccupied bedroom is close to your kitchen, why not remodel and enlarge your kitchen?  This is the perfect time to create the kitchen of your dreams!  Let’s incorporate that square footage and give you the area you need for that island you have been wanting.  Let’s use the additional square footage to create more countertop space and add additional cabinets.  Kitchens are the centerpiece of the house, even for empty nesters.  The children may not be living in the home, but they still come home.  When they do, they want home cooking and conversations around the kitchen table.  This is the perfect time to create a kitchen with more space for these special times.

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Master Bathroom Expansion and remodel in Benton, Louisiana Ashleys Building and remodeling.

Larger Bathroom: Expanding the master bathroom into an empty bedroom can create the ultimate retreat.  With the additional square footage, this remodel can focus on relaxation, health and wellness.  A large walk-in shower can be added for the ultimate experience.  This will include multiple shower heads, shower seats and accent lighting.  Adding a steam shower is always a great idea.  A freestanding soaking tub can be the perfect ending to a long day.  The open-spout mixer faucet would be the perfect addition in this remodel.  It sounds like a waterfall, which is super relaxing, and it mixes the hot and cold water for you.  Adding a tankless water heater and LED lighting will help with energy efficiency.  The addition of greenery will make this the perfect oasis.

To see our portfolio of bathroom remodels, click here:  https://ashleysbuilding.com/remodeling-services/bathroom-remodeling/

Do not allow the quiet to be deafening or the space to be daunting.  Allow yourself to adjust to the concept of me-time, which is foreign to some.  Ashley’s Building & Remodeling can help you turn this newfound idle space into areas that will bring you joy and will help you embrace this new phase of your life.  You deserve it.