Cancer Could Have Broke Us, But It Made Us Better.

Not many people knew our family was dealing with a very scary situation this entire year. One year ago, December 20th 2022 to be exact, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. What began as a stage 1 tumor, quickly elevated to stage 3 as we learned the cancer spread to a few of my lymph nodes. With surgeries being scheduled and chemo treatments on the calendar, the initial shock turned into fear of how we were going to focus on our clients and the remodeling projects we had in the works while dealing with this new, hopefully temporary life we were in.

But God. Funny how in the heat of a physical scare, God brings the peace and the people he knows you need to help you walk through the storm.

Looking back, God showed up everywhere we turned.

When we were in despair, God gave us hope.

When we felt alone, God put people in our lives who poured positivity in us.

When we were scared, God gave us a team of earth angels who walked along with us.

And when we were angry…really, really angry, God calmed our minds.

Every step we took, we felt his presence through others and his own divine touches.

Running a business while going through a cancer diagnosis, surgeries, and treatments was extremely nerve-wracking to say the least. We know we may have missed opportunities and things weren’t the way we would normally conduct business. We are forever grateful for everyone’s patience. Thank you for not giving up on us and supporting us through this journey.

We are happy to say, there is no spread to other parts of my body, and after one more quick surgery, it’s onward and upward from here.

We do have one last thing to ask… please keep your prayers going for the ones still in the heat of the battle. During our chemo and radiation treatments, we met many beautiful people who are still smack in the middle of the fight. Please, please keep them on your minds and prayer list. May God completely heal them and give them a renewed spirit full of energy and zest for life.

2023 was the year of healing and growth. With a new lease on life and extreme focus on our business, we look forward to 2024 being a year of celebration and a whole lot of home remodeling throughout the Shreveport-Bossier area.

God bless you and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

With Love, Lisa and Adam Willard