Top 3 Client Requests In a Kitchen Remodel In Shreveport-Bossier Area. 

Before kitchen remodel dated 1960s home Ashleys building


When we begin working with a new client, the first phase of the remodel is discovery and design. This is when we work closely with the homeowners, asking pertinent questions to uncover pain points in their current kitchen, zero in on a style and layout that suits their family, and uncover what modern conveniences would they love to have in their new kitchen. As we dig into their wants and wishes, we have noticed three common requests over the years for the homes built in the Shreveport-Bossier area in the 1960s and 1970s.

A huge pet peeve of ours and apparently for many homeowners are:

1️⃣Can you get rid of the upper cabinets over the peninsula?
2️⃣Can you remove the blank area over the upper cabinets and install new cabinets that go to the ceiling?
3️⃣Can you add an island instead of a peninsula?
These homes were built differently back in the day. Many builders constructed kitchen cabinets on site and built them into the soffit area above the uppers for support. They also added uppers above peninsulas so the homeowners would have additional storage. Problem is, homeowners had to duck under these upper cabinets to see their friends and family members in the dining area. It really closes off the two rooms making the cook feel isolated and cramped.
Removing a peninsula and the cabinets above is a sure fire way to create an open feel in a kitchen and dining area. It removes the visual block and connects the two room allowing family and friends to mingle without having to duck every time they want to talk to each other.  Removing soffits between the ceiling and the upper cabinets give you more room to build taller cabinets to the ceiling creating more storage. Adding an island to a kitchen gives it an instant updated feel and additional seating for the family.
Below are incredible before and after pictures of kitchens we hit all 3 requests. 3 different styles, 3 major transformations for your viewing pleasure.
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