2023 Home Design and Remodeling Trend Predictions

As we head into 2023, many of us are making decisions about what changes we want in our lives for the new year. Some of us may promise to stop eating junk food or to exercise more regularly or to return our parents’ phone calls more quickly. Many of us, however, are looking forward to 2023 because of another promise we have made – this will be the year we make changes in our homes. This will be the year we create spaces around us that will increase our levels of comfort and functionality. This will be the year we create spaces that will reflect our individualism and the needs of our families. This will be the year our home receives the attention it deserves!

In keeping with that train of thought, below are home remodeling trend predictions we have for 2023, not only in the Shreveport-Bossier City area, but also worldwide:

Glidden Vining Ivy Color of the year.

● Colorful Interiors: The days of light color themes are not ending, but we will definitely be seeing cheerful colors in homes, whether it be on cabinetry or in tile selections. If light colors are chosen for the walls, cabinets, floors, etc, then pops of color will be brought in with the decorations used throughout the area. This allows the homeowner to reveal parts of his or her personality and to create warmth in the area. Bold statement walls, painted in bold colors, evoke emotion, comfort and relaxation for many people. We will continue to see bold colors in meaningful, purposeful spaces.

Indoor plant for decorations and air quality. 2023 home design trends

Greenery: Plants were not meant to be left in the yard! Plants are living, breathing gifts to us humans. They create a sense of peace and organic comfort. They also improve the air quality in your home. Plants introduce calmness into a space, so you will see a big trend of bringing nature indoors in order to enjoy their benefits year-round. Greenery, in our humble opinion, looks good in any room and in any interior design style. Plants also give a POP of color in a space with light walls and neutral decor.

Simple clean bedroom design

Less is more: Simplicity has been placed on the backburner in recent years. Now, people are beginning to crave it. The days of trinkets and an overabundance of decorative items everywhere you look in a home can feel smothering and may even stir anxiety in some people. In 2023, meaningful decor items that have been strategically placed around the home help create a more relaxing environment. As an additional bonus, there is less to dust!

Smart home for 2023

Smart home: The search “smart home” is the most popular home renovation trend watched on TikTok with over 4 billion views. Safety is, without a doubt, a number one concern with families. There has been a steady rise in smart home security systems, and, in 2023, that trend will continue to climb. These systems vary from somewhat simplistic to borderline complicated. It all depends upon budget and needs. Other smart home items to consider are smart door locks, blinds, thermostats and garage door openers. Each of these have their own special features and provide added security for your home and for your family. Also, more families will be preparing for inclement weather by investing in home generators. These are hardwired to the home, so they are ready to go when the need arises.

kitchen organization cabinets shreveport bossier

Kitchen conveniences: 2020 forced people to stay home, which, in turn, forced people to cook more. After being home more during the pandemic, it became obvious to some people it was time for a kitchen remodel. Kitchen renovations have been extremely popular and will continue to be on the rise in 2023. Homeowners will want to include special items like spice drawers, garbage pull outs, appliance garages, Tupperware organizer drawers and pot drawers to make life in the kitchen more convenient and organized. The kitchen is a gathering place for most families. In the upcoming year, let’s make sure this space is one where your family shares laughter and creates memories in the heart of the home.

Transitional Master Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom oasis: Since 2020, families now, more than ever, are concerned with their mental and emotional health. One of our number one homeowner requests are spa-like bathrooms with large showers and free-standing soaking tubs to refresh their bodies and minds. This trend will continue to be huge in 2023. Bathroom renovations are good for the soul, as they bring joy each time the homeowners enter the space. Soaking tubs and larger showers allow for aging homeowners to soothe achy muscles and bones in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Another top request with master bathrooms is his and her areas. The bathroom, although shared, allows couples to have their own sinks, drawers and storage areas.

Outdoor living: Traveling, unfortunately, has become extremely hectic and expensive. In 2023, we will see an upswing in homeowners investing money in creating outdoor living spaces in their own backyards in lieu of taking expensive vacations. These are fondly called “staycations”. Pools, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and large patios bring all the goodness of a resort to your own home. Being outdoors is a retreat for mental health as well. In addition to that, you get to sleep in your own bed every night, and there is no fear of your luggage getting lost!

whole house remodel in shreveport bossier benton haughton area lousiana

Whole house remodels: For 2023, the fickle housing market has families opting to invest in their own homes. This ensures they have the ability to create areas exactly as they wish. Remodeling an entire house gives you the option of choosing where the process begins. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are, typically, the first areas updated and yield the largest return on investment. Families in their forever home, who love their neighborhood and land, are, however,  renovating their homes to look and feel exactly the way they want without worrying about the investment or ROI. They want what they want in the area they love, and that is all that matters.

cat litter box furniture

Pet domains: Families love their fur babies and are treated as members of the family. In the upcoming year, we will see more unique interior designs to incorporate the needs of pets. You will see kennels and litter boxes disguised as furniture, elaborate pet washing stations and sleeping stations and staircases updated into mini bedrooms for dogs and cats. Even though our pets cannot vocalize what they need, there is no doubt all these items would be greatly appreciated.

custom children room remodel

Special spaces: Most families enjoy spending quality time together, but each member of the family needs a space of his or her own for use other than sleeping. This space may be a reading nook, an outdoor greenhouse, a home gym, a crafting room, etc. In 2023, the “my space” areas will be highlighted as great additions to any home. The options are endless and only add to the value of the home.

home office

Home office: The work from home trend is still going strong from 2020. People are investing in their homes and their businesses by creating inspiring office spaces that keep the mind productive. A bedroom could be remodeled and a space created for the home office. If that is not ideal, an additional space outside the home could be constructed to serve as the office. This structure would be on the same piece of property, yet it would be separate from the residence. In doing this, you would allow for some separation of work and home.

mother in law suite, home addition, adult dwelling unit shreveport bossier benton remodeling ashleys building

Mother-in-law suites/Adult dwelling units: 2023 is bringing room additions to the forefront. Aging parents are opting to move in with their children. Some children are opting to move in with their aging parents. In either of these cases, the individuals may desire their own space with their own entrance. Some may need their own kitchen and living room, which would mean the area would then function more like an apartment or a suite.

Many homeowners are also adding onto their home and creating an investment property they can list as an Airbnb, Vrbo or rent to a tenant as a rental property. Construction of a second, tiny home on the property may be ideal if the existing house’s layout does not give way for an addition.

Another example where a home addition would be useful is another child being brought into the family, which necessitates more square footage. In any of these examples, removing a wall or two is not always feasible. This leaves the options of enlarging the main floor, adding a second floor, enclosing the back patio, enclosing the front porch or finishing the attic. Each of these are viable options in order to reach the ultimate goal of additional square footage required to meet the needs of your growing family.

Each of these items are important to consider when preparing to seize this new year and to make it the year where your home is truly the place you most want to be. Let 2023 be the year of creating positive changes in your home. Once you make that decision and move forward with choosing which areas you are going to remodel, then the magic begins.

Let’s live life in 2023 with more purpose and with more devotion to the important aspects of life…starting with ensuring our homes are our favorite destination.